How To: Pitch underhanded

Pitch underhanded

Sometimes you will have to pitch underhand - whether you are playing softball, baseball or with little kids - sometimes a lighter throw is necessary. It may seem odd and unnatural to pitch this way at first, but check out this tutorial for tips on how to toss that ball over the plate with the same force as upperhand pitching.
You Will Need:
* A softball
* A glove
* A softball field
* A catcher
* A batter (optional)

Step 1: Begin from the set
Hold the ball in the glove at your waist, body relaxed, facing home plate 46 feet away. Touch the rubber slab on the pitcher's mound with your dominant foot.

Step 2: Hold the ball
Palm the ball with your thumb and little finger, gripping it with your middle three fingers supporting it. Drop the ball hand to your side.

Step 3: Focus on the target
Focus on the catcher's glove and step onto the rubber with your dominant foot, bending your opposite knee. Bow your back slightly.
Expect the batter to hit the ball but make it difficult for them to do it well.

Step 4: Stride and shift weight
Pull your ball hand back smoothly past your hip and behind you in a half circle as you step forward, shifting your weight over your bent back knee.

Step 5: Plant to throw
Plant your front foot as you fall forward, shifting your weight to the opposite side. Bend low as you sweep your arm forward and pick up speed.

Step 6: Open the hand
Open your throwing hand and roll the ball off your three middle fingers. Release the ball at belt level on an arc between 10 and 13 feet high toward the plate, lifting your favored leg.
Hold the ball over its top and snap the hand back to create backspin. This can cause batters to hit the ball on the ground.

Step 7: Follow through
Follow through so your hand ends high above your head. The ball descends and crosses the line of the batter's shoulders for a strike. Square up and prepare to field.

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