How To: Play home run derby

Play home run derby

It's summer again and it's time to get out of the house and there's no better way than with a fun game like some improvised baseball. You don't need a whole team of people all you need is a bat, a ball and another person to play with.

Home Run Derby is a classic game that can be played in many different locations with all kinds of different objects. Here are some basic rules and tips.
You Will Need

  * Bucket of balls
  * Bat
  * Open field
  * Distance marker
  * Pitching net
  * Glove
  * At least 2 players
  * Extra equipment, sticks, rocks, or trash cans (optional)

Step 1: Gather equipment

Gather your baseball equipment. Make sure you have a bucket of baseballs, a bat, and a glove.

Step 2: Find a location

Find a baseball diamond or a large open field to play in. Designate a distance for home runs and mark it on the field.

You can use extra equipment, sticks, rocks, or trash cans to mark the home run boundary.

Step 3: Set up home plate and a pitching net

Place a marker to represent home plate and set up your pitching net a comfortable distance behind it.

Step 4: Set up the rules

Determine the number of outs each batter is allowed before their turn ends. Typically, batters are allowed 10 outs.

Usually the batter is allowed to take as many pitches without swinging as they want, but you may want to set up a limit to move the game along.

Step 5: Use a round system

Allow two "at bats" for each batter, and the two batters with the most home runs battle in one final round.

Ross Barnes of Spalding's Chicago Team, which later became the Cubs, is credited with hitting the first home run in an organized major league game in 1876.

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