How To: Throw a Curveball

Throw a Curveball

A curve ball is considered an off-speed pitch and is very effective. You should not throw this pitch if you are not physically mature yet. Around 13 years old is an appropriate age to start throwing one. A curve ball is slower than a fastball and breaks down. It breaks from 12 to 6. If the strike zone was a clock, a curve ball would start at the 12 and end up at the 6. You should throw this pitch when you are ahead in the count and can put the batter away! 

There are many grips for a curve ball, but I prefer the following:

How to Throw a Curveball

Tips for Throwing a Curve Ball

  • Don't throw this pitch too often or you could hurt your shoulder.
  • Remember to follow through over the top, not side arm, to prevent elbow or shoulder injury.

Step 1 Grip the Ball Correctly

Hold the ball in your glove. Put your middle finger slightly off the right seam. Then, put your index finger on the right seam. Apply more pressure on the index finger than the middle finger. Now you are ready to throw the curve ball.

Step 2 Throwing the Pitch

After you grip the ball correctly, you can finally pitch it. First, bring the ball back. Lift your leg up and lean forward. Keep the ball gripped in your hand. As your hand is crossing the side of your body, turn your hand backwards, with the back of your hand facing the batter. Remember to follow through all the way.

While the pitch is in the air, you will see it break down. To see if you threw the pitch correctly, you will see a dot made by the rotation of the seems of the baseball. This breaking ball will definitely fool a batter looking for a fastball.

Good luck and thank you.

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