News: Outfielder Magician With Mad Skills

Outfielder Magician With Mad Skills

Independent baseball leaguer Josh Womack has blown the internet's mind.

Hot topic on all the blogs, 3.5 million YouTube views and climbing. If you haven't experienced the outfielder's (almost suspicious) insane bat skills, it's time to watch the video below.

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I think it's real... With enough practice and impeccable timing, I'll bet I could learn how to do this...

Its fake I can see the string attached to his helmet!

hes wearing a baseball cap....

It's real and not all that hard with a little practice. There are many military rifle drill teams that do more amazing things with 10-15 lb rifles and sometimes with bayonets attached. Look up Texas A&M Fish Drill Team. The best in the business. The Marine Corps Silent Drill Team too.

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