How To: Practice the fence drill in baseball

Practice the fence drill in baseball

This instructional video from BaseballRox with baseball player Noah Jackson will help you develop your hitting mechanics with hitting drills in the sport of baseball. This baseball video is aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field. See how to practice the fence drill in baseball.

Hitting Drills: The Fence Drill

With this video from BaseballRox batting video series, you learn the proper fence drill. Learning the fundamentals of hitting in baseball, and becoming a great hitter starts with the correct positioning and batting stance in the batter's box. The grip on the bat is an extremely important part of good hitting mechanics. The correct way to grip the bat and proper upper body positioning before the swing is also important. Timing and stride, which are both crucial parts of becoming an effective hitter, is something you should learn, too. The action of the swing and proper mechanics and practice can help you bat with power and make consistent content.

This video from the Hitting Drills series will show you the proper fence drill for baseball. The stance, bat, hand and arm position as well as correct body placement in the batter's box are all very important items when hitting the ball.

Practice the fence drill in baseball

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