How To: Hit a baseball the right way

Hit a baseball the right way

This video illustrate us how to hit the baseball the right way. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First warm up your body as hitting the baseball requires a lot of your energy.

Step 2:Hold the bat from in such a way that ther right hand rest on the left and hold the bat below the shoulder level with hands up ,kneel down a little so that the body is not stiff and move your legs shouldeer apart.

Step 3: For beginners the bat should be light weighed, wear gloves for a better grip.

Step 3: Get into the batters box and look out for the pitcher and concentrate on the ball.

Step 4: As the ball nears you shift your weight from the back foot to front and raise it a little and swing the bat tightly with your hand hitting the ball.

Thats it

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