How to Do the baseball "shoulder 7" decelerator exercise

This instructional video from BaseballRox will teach you how to warm-up and stretch properly on the field, which will help to prevent injuries. These baseball videos are aimed to help young players and coaches improve their performance on the field by strengthening shoulders with the "shoulder 7" stretches. See how to do the baseball "shoulder 7" band external rotations rows decelerator exercise.

Michelle Cappello, MSPT is the Clinical Manager and a Physical Therapist at Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes. The shoulder seven is a series of 7 exercises that are designed to strengthen the whole shoulder girdle. Keep in mind, when you throw a baseball your arms both accelerates and decelerates, so this exercise will not only help strengthen all of the muscles around the shoulder girdle, but it will also help your sports performance. In this video, she teaches you one of the "shoulder seven" exercises for baseball, called band external rotations rows decelerator.

Do the baseball "shoulder 7" decelerator exercise

Do the baseball "shoulder 7" decelerator exercise Click through to watch this video on

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